Wednesday, October 24, 2007

News Update

Lets see, where do we start? Sam started a "job" at the end of September to bring stability to our family finances after going for 10 months with major highs and lows in the checkbook. He's also teaching at a local massage therapy school and doing massages with any extra time he can find.
Connor is getting really good at crawling. He's standing on his own more and more and has taken a few steps but hasn't really shown much interest in walking as of yet. He will be 11 1/2 months this weekend. More and more of his sense of humor and personality comes out with each passing day. It is so fun! He has some friends in the ward and loves to follow them around and watch them play. Today he was playing with a little girl from our ward and they were banging on the piano together and he just started giggling and giggling. Very cute.
And for me, I'm working hard at home and in business. Most evenings I'm away working while Sam and Connor have some together time. I'm building a team and helping people get out of debt. It is really rewarding and feels good to help people plan for their future. Love to all! See you soon!