Friday, December 31, 2010

Closing out 2010

Well, I've been absolutely horrid at keeping this up to date recently but I figured I should make a proper ending to 2010.

First off....the best picture from Christmas this year...

Haha! They don't look excited at all do they!? This was Christmas Eve after opening their new PJ's.

We finally took a year and had Christmas at home with Sam's parents. Besides having Connor wake all of us up around 630am, which I understand isn't too early for some, it was an amazing Christmas.

We were all spoiled and are very grateful for all that we have been blessed with. And ultimately, grateful for our Savior who made the ultimate sacrifice so that we can live in this amazing world with the ability to return to our Father in Heaven.

So, in 2010, we bought our first house. Brought home our first, and second puppies. Got a 10% raise at work(Way to go, Sam!). Found out we are expecting our third baby boy. Visited Albany and NYC. Hosted both Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners. Sent Sam back to school. And made a tentative decision to attempt sending him into the military(more news to come with that later!).

I think we've had both a busy and wonderful year. In fact, I'm not sure how 2011 will top it, but I have high hopes!