Saturday, August 18, 2012

Sewing, Quilting and Knitting, OH MY!

I've got a little bit of all of these activities under my belt this summer. My boys and I have been so busy with swimming, playing at the playground, going to the library, zoo and museums that its a wonder that I've been able to accomplish anything for myself this summer.  Somehow, I manage though;)

The skirt was made out of my favorite skinny jeans that finally gave out in the knees.  I just couldn't bear to toss them and I was needing a good jean skirt.  I'm not a fan of the weird V's of random fabric that you'll often see in upcycled jean skirts so I decided to keep it narrow in the front and just add a V in the back with the leftover portion of the legs.  It worked BEAUTIFULLY!  I was also thinking of adding a little ruffle to that V in the back to hide it but changed my mind.  It looks pretty good as is, so maybe next time :)
The quilt is one that will be for ME!!! It's not the first quilt that I've made that I intended to be for me but it's the first one that is going to be mine(I guess its a good thing that people want to buy my work. But don't get any ideas. This one is NOT for sale.)  I picked up a fat quarter pack at the quilt shop my step mom works at in North Carolina.  I'm just in love with the color combo.  The background green fabric and the big orange border fabric came from JoAnn.  I'm hoping to enter it into a fair in Roswell, NM next month.  We'll see though. My HQ is having a fit and I'll have to rectify it before I can get it finished up.

As for the knitted shrug, it was my first successful attempt at knitting a sweater! And I really like how it turned out, but as far as wearing it, I'll probably have to wait until October. It's so stinking hot here.

And since I know that no one wants to look at me all the time, here is a couple shots of my cuties recently.....

Can you believe this is at the doctor's office? I love this kid. He's 15 months old already!

Frequenting the new Dunkin Donuts on Fort Bliss!  Oh how I have missed those chocolate frosted donuts.  The boys might have liked them a little bit too :)