Wednesday, October 19, 2011

5 months old

So Keith turned five months old about a week ago and I haven't taken a picture of him until today.  But here it is.  I love his "deer in headlights" look while watching The Lion King with big brother, Bear. Hehehehe!!

Other updates on Keith...
-he's rolling over both ways
-he's starting to make raspberries (So cute!)
-he's starting to eat solid foods...doesn't love them yet but it's progress.
-he's very ticklish. Especially his ribs and neck.
-he's found his voice and loves talking/yelling at his toys.
-his eyes have turned blue...officially blue, not baby gray/blue.
-he can get up on all fours when he's on his belly and I give him about another month or so before he's crawling.  Now to find a gate for the stairs...

I just love this little monkey.