Monday, April 30, 2012

Playin on the Dunes

A few weeks back Sam took the big boys to Red Sands which are about 20-25 minutes away.  They had a BLAST!!  And Sam has been wanting to take me there ever since. Well, he was right. It was super fun, even though the sand was a bit warm out of the shade.  So we played  in the shade of the little Suzuki for awhile and got EXTREMELY dirty. It was so worth it.

I can check something off of my bucket list too!  I've always wanted to be completely buried in the sand(minus my head). It's surprising how heavy a thin layer of sand is.

 Here's a couple from their trip out there a few weeks ago since I didn't get any of them jumping this go round. Connor has no fear....I love these shots.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

A little color on my feet!

As a girl I LOVED rainbows.  And it was cute and appropriate for a little girl to like rainbows.  As I moved into my teen years it was a little odd to love rainbows but it never really bothered me what other people thought so I wore them on my toes, ears, around my neck and on many of my articles of clothing.  At 27, ahem...I mean, well, anyway....I can't just wear rainbows around town without people staring at me, then my children, then back at me....So, to avoid giving my boys a complex....I've almost completely liquidated my collection of rainbow possessions(that is, until Heavenly Father blesses our family with a little girl, and in that case, this discussion will be completely null and void).

However, last year while working at JoAnn Fabric and Crafts I was walking past the yarn aisle and spotted this GEM of a yarn.  It is called Serenity Garden Yarn from the Deborah Norville collection of Premier Yarns.  The name of the color is called GEMS and I simply had to have a skein or two for a later project.  Fast Forward to now.  I've completed my semi-acceptable rainbow socks for home use and possibly snow boot use and I might just be in heaven. These babies can get my feet warm lickety split!  Of course, now that I live in El Paso, my feet don't get cold all that often...

But I digress....I know you are dying to see a picture of them.

It's kind of hard to see in this picture but there is a really neat spiral pattern to them.  The pattern is called Frog Pattern or Ribbelmuster on Ravelry and it's FREE.  It was easy to follow and a great pattern to try if you are wanting to learn how to start doing cables(This was my first attempt at a cable pattern).

For my next project, I think I'm going to do some quilting....stay tuned :)

Thursday, April 19, 2012

11 months and walking!

Keith started taking his first steps just before he turned 11 months old. Let me also say, that he has wasted NO TIME in getting serious about this walking thing. Saturday he would get so excited that he couldn't take more than a step and then fall forward into my arms. Today, he's walking back and forth giggling because he's so pleased with himself. So funny.

The bummer? Sam has been gone all week. So he left with a baby barely taking two steps at a time and will come home tomorrow to a little boy walking(on the verge of running and chasing his brothers!) all over the house.

Take a look:

Can't believe my baby is walking. But I absolutely love it. He's such a sweetheart!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Easter Weekend Photo Shoot

There is nothing more fulfilling than making something. And although I've had the fabric for awhile, I decided that Easter would be the perfect Sunday to have a new outfit.  So I scrambled my outfit together in a week and decided that my boys should have coordinating ties.  And once I'd decided all this, I wanted it documented in a more memorable way than a quick snapshot.

Enter Lesa Miller.  Such a sweet lady. She offered to meet us at a local park and get some shots of our family for a GREAT price.

Here are some of the photos she got. I love these boys to pieces.