Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Moab 2011

What better way to get back in the swing of blogging than with a BIG vacation post with lots of pictures, right?

RIGHT!!! I knew you were with me :)

So Sam spent months planning this trip to Moab and I sincerely hope that I wasn't too much of a drag for him to enjoy it. We normally camp when we go....well, that was out of the question for me this go-round. So we compromised and stayed in a cabin at a campground. I should've taken a picture of it. For "roughin it", it was AWESOME! Electricity, Heat, A/C, mini fridge, cable TV, firepit, patio, bunk beds and to top it all off, bathrooms on-site and close. I think Sam's idea of camping is forever changed. We had a BLAST!

After an 8.5 hour road trip(Yes, I realize that's WAY longer than it should take) we made it to Moab at 1130pm and snuggled into our little cabin. We slept in the next morning but Sam was chomping at the bit to get on the trails, so we headed to Metal Masher. Sounds relaxing right?
Rocks. YES!!!
Great pic of my handsome hubby in front of Picture Frame Arch.
Climbing Hummer Hill. Seriously, SO STEEP.
At the summit of Hummer Hill. I wasn't even going to attempt it.
Taking a Fruit Snack break on the trail. Seriously, those things are the best bribe ever.
If I'd said, "Fruit Snacks" I could've gotten a smile, I guarantee it.
Our campground had a great playground complete with sandbox, sand toys, and playhouse.
Our one and only family shot. This rock bench was so awesome.
Doing some cave exploring....
Getting up it was super fun for both of us. Me from the sidelines, spotting. Sam in "Bruce" Too bad we didn't realize that we had to come back down until we'd already made it up. SO SCARY!
Don't laugh when you see the video: I'm pregnant.

We wouldn't let the kids out at this point. They didn't understand why and were really upset about it.

On Thursday, Uncle Cris, Patrick, Connor and Daddy went on the Kane Creek Trail.

Saturday was the last day of crawling and this obstacle is called The Wedgy. From the picture it doesn't look like much but that ditch is pretty impressive when you are driving through it.
Storytime ritual at bed time. I've grown such an appreciation for reading with my boys. They learn so much through books. They also have started to love reading articles out of The Friend as their "scripture study." What a JOY!!
We forgot the camera charger so we didn't go crazy with taking tons of pictures. One event that was rather significant and undocumented was that we got to spend some time with Sam's oldest sister, Emily and her family. She has three kids and they all get along really well with our rugrats. We spent a few evenings in the pool and Connor just turned blue having so much fun :) Bear is less of a water lover but still didn't want to get out when the time came.

As we were packing up, Bear decided to skydive out of the back window of the Suburban onto the gravel. An ER visit and 2 stitches later, we were finally on the road home.
We decided we'd brave the shorter, steeper route on the way home and boy! were we glad we did. We left around noon and made it to Gramma and Grampa's house in time for a yummy spaghetti dinner!