Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Fathers Day Hike

We have made it a tradition to do a hike on Fathers Day every year. This year, I was down and out with a yucky cold and my parents were in town so we decided to do it the following week. We made it really short and just went up South Willow canyon for a pack lunch style dinner and then hiked around the river a little bit. Connor loved throwing rocks in the water.

Monday, June 29, 2009

First Completed Quilt

I've been doing so many projects lately! My step mom has been here for the past 10 days or so and has helped me get a handle on quilting with the long arm machine that we are borrowing from one of Sam's co-workers. IT"S SO FUN!!!!!! We decided to do a practice quilt just to make sure the machine was adjusted properly and working just right before starting on the ones that she has taken so much time to piece together beautifully for the boys.
The practice one turned out so good that I decided to bind it and keep it in the car for an emergency blanket. Here's how it turned out.

And here's a picture of my awesome step-mom with her funny spectacles. I think I chuckle every time she does this. By the way, in this picture, she is ripping out a BIG mistake that I made. I wasn't going to fix it, just work around it, but she insists that "if its worth doing, it's worth doing RIGHT." So she ripped it out, and I re-did it. What an awesome assistant....haha not! She's such a professional and I'm such an amateur. Thanks Madre for being patient with me!!!!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Basically Buttons

There are a bunch of you who read this who I don't think I have on my Facebook so I just wanted to let you know about the last minute jewelry party I am having on Saturday at 1pm. Here is a picture of some of the jewelry that will be on display and for purchase. My step mom is making it by hand and each piece is unique and one of a kind. Come have some fun!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


With summer rolling around, Connor was in need of a haircut and since I was there and Bear's has been nearing his eyes and shoulder blades, I figured I'd get him done also. Here's some cute pics of the new 'dos. I thought I'd stick my face in there too since my hair looks halfway decent today.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Connor Update

I think I write a whole lot more about Bear than Connor these days. And that's not because I have a favorite but Bear seems to be doing new things all the time! So I was just thinking that I should note a few things that Connor has been doing recently.

1. He loves to ride his tricycle everywhere! We bought it for him for Christmas after he turned 1 and it has been the BEST investment in a toy I've ever made.

2. He has learned how to do somersaults and will perform them upon request.

3. His new favorite song is "Popcorn Popping" complete with motions and singing as many words as he can. It's absolutely priceless. I'm going to attempt to get it on video one of these days. We'll see how that goes.

4. His new word of the week is "Allllll-riiiight" As in, "Connor, please eat the rest of your sandwich." "Alllll-Riiiight" It made me laugh so hard when he first said it that he started giggling.

5. He will help me pick up toys now when I ask him. Which is great for me! I don't know why it took him so long to understand that chore.

6. He loves playing with blocks. This is a tower we made together the other day. He's so proud of himself. And then once the photo is taken, he swings his fist full force into the tower to dismantle it.

7. I have a really pretty tree type of plant in our living room. Connor has decided that the dirt in the pot makes a great off-roading trail for his matchbox Jeeps. Now I find them buried in the dirt of my planter. Like father, Like son.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

MY FAIR LADY opens June 18!

So here is a little sneak peak of the show which opens on June 18th. I really hope everyone who is in the area will come and see it. I've seen it in rehearsals so many times(obviously!) But I still crack up at some of the parts. Such a fantastic show! PLEASE come! To get tickets go to www.laforgeencore.org or call (435)224-2116. Tickets are $10 for adults and $7 for seniors.

Believe it or not, this is my mom's wedding dress, how crazy is that! Thanks mom! I think it turned out pretty good.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Six Months Old!

Yesterday, Bear turned six months old. I can't even believe it! I would've taken pictures to document the occasion but he was super cranky so here are some from a few days before.