Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Quick Update

Okay So a quick list of why I haven't been able to blog recently.

- I am now working fulltime outside of the home.
- Connor and Bear need a lot more attention when I am home....obviously.
- We moved Thanksgiving weekend in with Sam's parents.
- Grandma and Grandpa Montague have been watching the boys fulltime while I'm working.
- We spent 10 days in North Carolina with my parents for Christmas
- We are in the midst of purchasing a home in Tooele.
- We are having a blast planning for the decorating of our first home.

So in the midst of all these rather monumental events. I have a TON of pictures that I will eventually load up here. And for now, the wonderful picture that my friend Leslie took will have to suffice.

Sorry that I didn't get Christmas or New Years cards out. Think I should go for Valentine's Day?

And the final reason that I haven't updated is because whenever I log on, I get so caught up in reading all of everyone else's blog posts that my time runs out and I become the blog slacker once again.

Phew. I feel so much better now.