Saturday, July 5, 2008


Okay, I am officially a terrible blogger, or so I was told by some of my dear friends in the GNO Book Club I belong to. So I'm doing a little housekeeping and updating the site after a long absence.

To stay in theme with our previous entry, we all took the Sidekick for a trip down to Moab last month and had a blast. Sam loved testing the limits of his beast and I loved the red rock. It was so beautiful. This is a picture of Connor while out four-wheeling. Obviously, the look on his face while doing this activity comes from the Montague bloodline. Haha.

And for the biggest news.. Our second child is on the way! He or She is due December 5th. We haven't found out the gender yet. And we aren't really sure if we want to find out yet either. The ultrasound is on July 17. I'm really excited!

Connor is getting bigger and more grown up every day. He loves climbing, building with blocks, coloring pictures and singing when he thinks no one is listening. He's also learning lots of words. The new one this week was "juice". Very very cute!