Friday, September 9, 2011

Because two thumbs are better than one.

I know. I know. I've been gone FOR-EV-ER.  My sincerest apologies.  However, I have three FANTASTIC excuses. Their names are Connor, Bear and Keith.

This post is about Keith though. This video was just too flippin cute not to post. Take a look.

While the video is uploading.... I'll include some of our latest news.

In bullet form  -Sam graduated BCT(Basic Combat Training) at the beginning of August
     Not in         -While we visited him there he told me he wanted me to move to VA with him for AIT
 chronologic    -My house is currently in boxes in preparation for my move to Virginia.
       order         -Bear has been potty training himself and doing a pretty darn good job at it.
                        -Connor has learned how to spell and write his own name.
                        -I have learned how to sew my own clothes and am having a blast exploring the world of patterns(stay tuned for some really cute homemade Halloween costumes).
                        -Keith is not even close to sleeping through the night due to the teething regiment he's working on. But he's a happy, healthy little boy so I don't complain.

I'm sure I've missed some very important events but it's late, I'm tired and all three of my boys are zonked so I'm gonna go knit and purl a little bit before hitting the couch myself.  Yep, the boys have my bed since their mattresses are already packed. Goodnight Moon.