Friday, June 29, 2012

Where does the time go?

    I didn't even realize that it has been 2 months since I posted anything to the blog until someone made a comment today on my last post....2 months ago. So quick update:

Keith has turned 1 and has discovered that he really likes to flip the pages in his board books. He's also gotten his first haircut.

Sam turned 30 and so we went camping and climbing at the City of Rocks which is a really neat natural rock garden. He then spent a couple weeks in Colorado for a training and got to visit with his sister and her family.

Connor learned to use a life jacket in the swimming pool without latching onto people and the sides of the pool. He loves his new freedom in the water. Both big boys also got to feed the giraffe's at the zoo.

Bear is extremely timid in the water but we're working on it:) He made friends with the female seal, Sushi, at the zoo. She was so friendly and just kept coming right up to the window.

I've been finishing up a few projects: a t-shirt quilt for a friend, a fabric wall paper project in the master bedroom, an end table makeover and I'm just starting my first knit sweater project.

We've been keeping really busy and have made some really great friends here in El Paso.  I don't think I love it here, but I know that I don't hate it either so I guess it's a good thing.

Here are some pictures from our adventures

 Removable fabric wallpaper- adhered to the wall with liquid starch.
 Fresh haircuts for all my boys. They wouldn't stay still for the picture.
 30 years old coincidentally at campsite #30
 Hiking through the City of Rocks
 Making friends with Sushi.
 Keith Asher, age 1.
 With some of our friends at the SuperCroc exhibit.
Feeding the giraffe's. This is Connor's favorite animal.