Sunday, November 23, 2008

Getting ready for baby #2

When Connor was born we were lucky enough to be able to borrow a bassinet from Sam's sister. She just had a little girl about a month ago so I think it's being used. Sam's creative side decided to come out and we've been working overtime to get this done before I pop. I've helped with the sanding of all the little slat's but Sam has pretty much handled the rest of the handy work. Hopefully it will be all put together within the next day or so and I'll be able to start the staining of the wood. I'm excited to have a pretty heirloom for our little family, even if it isn't as aesthetically pleasing to others.

Connor Turns Two!

We decided to have a very small get together this year for Connor's birthday and he still got spoiled with gifts and goodies! He loves being the center of attention and will dance and giggle his way into it. He can count to ten by himself and is doing a good job learning his colors and letters. His daycare provider, Kathie, just loves teaching him because he is so fun to be around. He's also a very musical child and likes to sing "Wheels on the Bus" and "The Alphabet Song". The Sound of Music is one of his favorite movies. He's also recently learned what airplanes and trucks are and points them out whenever he sees them.

He is such a joy to have around!


Last year, Halloween was definitely not Connor's favorite holiday. This year went much smoother. He got to wear his costume to day care and had no arguments about the hood on his vest. When asked "what does a doggie say?" He proudly replied "Woof woof" And when prompted at a neighbors door he said "Twick or Tweet" while lunging for the candy bucket. We managed to keep the white dalmation costume relatively chocolate stain free. He had had about enough of the trick or treating once we got halfway down one side of our street but it was a very fun evening.

And I enjoyed having both my boys home and with me to celebrate my birthday this way. Loads of fun for the mama:)