Thursday, October 28, 2010

Book Recommendation

I remember first hearing Dr. Laura on the radio when I was in college....probably 2002/2003, somewhere in there. I'd never heard of her until my boyfriend at the time flipped her on. And at that point in my life I just didn't understand her at ALL!

However, more recently, I would be in the car often when her program was on and listened to her show relatively regularly. She had some really logical and conservative opinions that I could completely relate to. Albeit there are things that she says which I don't agree with, but for the most part, she's right on.

I started noticing that when speaking with women who were having trouble in their marriage relationships, she always talked about her book, "The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands".

Immediately, the title invokes curiosity. And more than that, could this one book really help so many different problems in marriage? Sam and I work really well together and rarely argue, but what good wife isn't always looking for ways to make "her man" happier and her marriage stronger? So I started inquiring about it at the library and such....probably 6 months later, I finally get my hands on a copy.

It turns out to be FANTASTIC!!!!!!! In a little over 175 pages, Dr. Laura completely opened my eyes to the male psyche and gave me some GREAT little things that I can do to strengthen my marriage, none of which require extravagance or even anything that I shouldn't already be doing.

So, if anyone is looking for a great read that you might get a bit more than a great story out of.....this is it.

And if you do decide to read it....afterwards, go find a photograph from a science book of the hormone estrogen and then one for testosterone. If that doesn't explain things, I don't know what else could:)

Happy Reading!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Fun and Exciting Announcement...

I'll let my boys tell you though.....

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fifth Anniversary Trip to NYC

We started out the trip with a nice long walk through Liberty State Park on the Jersey side of the river and ended up at this awesome old train station. It looks like the perfect place for scenes of I Am Legend. In fact, I really wouldn't be surprised if they did shoot some scenes here.
After getting on the ferry to NYC we enjoyed the gorgeous view.....minus the WTC.....sad.....
A look back at the train station
The Statue of Liberty in the background.
Hello Beautiful.....
We stood on the steps of the place where George Washington gave his inaugural address.
My first trip into a Tiffany & Co. Store
Let us raise a standard to which the wise and the honest can repair -- The Event is in the hand of God. ---George Washington
Our one picture together in NYC
Coolest building!
Who doesn't take a picture of the birds while in the Big Apple? We named him Tony. He had a cousin named Paulie who was there too.
Times Square.....It's okay to smile, even though your feet are killing you, babe.
In the middle of the blue road....we're on that screen.
Riding the subway.
The Chrysler Building.
Sam's favorite part....the cheap hotdog vendors....he seriously ate one at every meal.
My favorite part.....awesome PIZZA!!!!!!!!
We seriously felt like the "pioneer children" as we "walked, and walked, and walked, and walked". But we had SOO much fun. And learned that City life is probably not exactly what we'll strive for but we could survive it if we had to.

Sunday, October 10, 2010


I can't believe I've avoided my blogging responsibilities for the past month and a half. It's gnawing at me and I swear I will do something about it....soon. Maybe even tonight after I get the last child in bed.

Short list of the happenings of the last month and a half.

1. Sam and My Fifth Anniversary was on August 27.
2. We spent 11 days in New York and Vermont visiting my mom and brother.
3. Sam and I took a little anniversary trip to NYC while there and he finally saw "The Big Apple"
4. Connor has learned how to sing his ABC's.
5. Bear is sleeping in a Big Boy bed.
6. Sam started school at UVU.
7. Sam's tossing around the idea of enlisting in the military.
8. Sam got a great review at work with a pretty raise to go with it!
9. My Dad and Madre came to visit for a couple days and Madre and I did lots of quilting while she was here.
10. Ramses has become an escape artist and always seems to find(or create!) a new hole in our fence to get out of.

So there's the I'll try and expound on each of them with pictures and what not. Stay tuned!