Sunday, January 18, 2009

Helping Fix the Dryer

When we decided to move into this place, we knew we would need to somehow purchase a washer and dryer to keep ourselves out of either the laundromat or Sam's parents house. We moved in last Saturday and on Monday Sam's uncle happened across a FREEwasher and dryer set. It was one of those wonderful tender mercies of our Heavenly Father.
There were some minor repairs that needed to be done on the dryer and Connor just had to be in the middle of the action while Sam and his dad were working on it. I wish I had a video camera for this. But I'll post a couple of the different maneuvers he used to wiggle his way in to see what was going on. It was hilarious!

Good news...thanks to Connor(and his helpers), the dryer works great!


BLS said...

Connor can come help fix things at our house, anytime! He makes it look like so much FUN!