Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I feel like it's been awhile since I've posted but I don't know exactly what needs to be updated. So I guess we'll start with the basics.

Connor is a full blown two year old and has quite the attitude to go with his age. A normal conversation consists of "Mommy?" "Yes, Connor?" "Mommy?" "Yes, Connor?" "Mommy?" "What, Connor?" "Mommy, Bear. Crying." or "Mommy....A TRUCK!" or "Mommy...I ahnt too-tees(i want cookies)" If I say no to cookies, he says "tate(cake)?" If I say no to cake he says "cereal?" If I say no to cereal he says "snacks(fruit snacks)?" And then the conversation starts back at the beginning again.

We are absolutely loving the fact that he is starting to put two word sentences together though. He will tell us what he wants each of us to do and it can be very comical. In his bedtime routine he gets to choose which one of us will sing him a bedtime song. Instead of just choosing, now he has started to say "Daddy. Bear. Mommy. A-Bye." as in "Daddy, take Bear and leave. Mommy, sing Rock-A-Bye." And to be fair, sometimes Mommy takes Bear and Daddy sings.

He is learning so many words. It's so fun to hear them and learn his little language develop.

Bear is a chunky almost 4 month old and as smiley as can be. He is a very happy baby and I just love smooching his cheeks and double chin. He is really ticklish on his ribs and squirms if I poke him. We are starting to get more and more giggles out of him. Today Connor was bouncing him(rougher than I would) in his bouncer and he just loved it. I think this is a start of a good companionship between the two of them. Connor is such a comedian and he is going to love being in the limelight with Bear.

Sam is doing really great at work and is really enjoying the fact that he has his own desk in his new position at HandiQuilter. He is still working once or twice a week doing chair massage at the Hotel Monaco. We are both working together as Webelos leaders in our new ward and have very busy schedules with that as far as trainings, den meetings, pack meetings and preparing for all the events. He is really good at working with the boys and I think they like his enthusiasm.

As for me, I'm staying busy at home and also, trying to get the boys out of the house as much as possible. In the past few weeks, we've been to the zoo, the Miller Motorsports Park, a primary activity and Discovery Gateway. Tooele is putting on a production of My Fair Lady in June and I've decided that I'm going to audition for it tomorrow night. I'm both nervous and very excited. I haven't been in a musical since high school but I used to love them so we'll see how it goes. I'll keep you updated. I'd love to play Eliza Doolittle but honestly, having been out of the musical scene for a while, I'd be thrilled to be part of the chorus!

I've also, FINALLY, finished a huge cross stitch project that I started in September. I'm waiting to get a Jo-Ann's framing coupon before I go get it framed. But it should be a nice addition to my living room....I know exactly where I'm going to put it!

And call me crazy, I've started another cross stitch project. I'm doing a birth announcement for each of the boys. They have a train on it with little animals driving and riding on it. It'll match their room decor really well once I can get into HandiQuilter to quilt the tops that my step mom pieced together. So many little time!

Well, this is kind of long already so I'll wrap it up. But that's what we are up to these days.