Sunday, May 17, 2009

Connor: The BIG Boy!

Connor has had two accident free days in a row....going on three today. I think we've finally got it nailed! Plus, he's gone on several public potties which has been quite an achievement. We are so proud of him picking it up so quickly!

Connor has always had a difficult time wearing ties. Don't ask me what it is about neck ties that he doesn't like but he would pull clip-ons off, and he would break the zipper ones too. So today when Sam was getting ready for church and tying his tie around his neck, it was a surprise when Connor said he wanted a tie too!

We let Connor pick out one of his dad's ties and Sam tied the tie around his own neck. We tried to put it on him afterwards but he got shy and wouldn't let us. We just left the tie in our room and right before we left for church, Connor put it on himself....what a big boy! He even wore it to nursery for a while.

This is the picture that followed! I'm kind of bummed that I didn't get Bear in a white shirt and tie this morning too.

Plus, Connor learned how to do somersaults this week. He's growing up so fast, where does the time go(tear!)?