Sunday, July 19, 2009

Just Because....

I was in a "snappy" mood so here are some pictures of our cute little family on a quiet Sunday, like today.

Bear is always so fun to take pictures of so there are a few more of him than the rest of us. I was trying to get some pictures of his four teeth on top but it didn't work out so well. At least I got some cute ones though.

Love that double chin and those chipmunk cheekers. mmmm....yummy!

Here's Connor's idea of posing for a picture these days....NICE CHIP!

Self portrait...not too shabby...

Here's my cute hubby!


James and Crystal said...

I love your new haircut it's so cute. And I haven't been at church because of hurting my back and being on vacation, but thank you for the card and the pictures of the kids I love it.