Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Four Wheelin Fun!

I could kick myself for not plugging the camera in the night before this event but it was lots of fun, nonetheless. I have to document it anyway because I was so thrilled that Sam took the initiative and planned a date for us without my help AT ALL!!!!!! He even arranged a babysitter for the boys! Go hunny!

We went on a double date up the Jacob City Loop Trail on a couple of four wheelers that our friends, Travis and Emily, have. We rode tandem and it was my first time really riding a four wheeler for any length of time. I came home sore, like I'd been riding a horse. Sam made me drive it at one point and I had a really fun time. I think four wheelers are in our future.

The views at the top were absolutely beautiful. We could see for miles as it was so clear. It was really dusty on the trail, though, and when we got home it was funny to see the dirt marks where our sunglasses had protected our eyes. When I ran my hands through my hair it was like sand paper....gross! Getting in the shower felt so good! I was feeling really grateful for having running water, unlike the pioneers who must've had that feeling all day everyday for months....uck.

Next time....I'll plug the camera in beforehand and get some pictures.


Matt and Alissa said...

Yeah Sam! That did sound like fun.