Sunday, February 28, 2010

A House Update.

Hopefully, this is the week when it all comes together. At the beginning of last week, we found out that we would need to put carpet and tile down before we could get our loan closed, due to some silly FHA regulations. So anyway, we've spent the better part of the week getting things ready for the appraiser.

Thanks to a friends dad and brother, the carpet was all laid today and we finished up the laminate tiling on Saturday night. Since carpet got laid early, we did some painting early as well. So here are all the "before" pictures of the house. And the one "after" picture of the Den. This room is just about ready for furniture so I'm sharing it earlier than the rest that still need painting and other touches before we move in.

The Backyard (Killer, I know!)

The floor to ceiling Pink Living Room. (I'm thinking of keeping it this way....)

The kitchen. So glad that I don't have to do anything in here but update appliances.

Moose ears in my dining room(Don't ask. That's for you, Dad.)

The Den into the dining room.
My craft room(Before the flooring went in)
The Fruit Room(Hello, Food Storage)

The Blue Room in the basement

The Other Pink the basement
The finished Den. Woot Woot!

The finished basement floor. This took forever, btw.

So now, hopefully, the next time I post anything, we will be the owners of this home that we have already put lots of dollars and hours of labor into.
Prayers are appreciated:)


The Blakes said...

I am so happy for you! That backyard looks fabulous. I am sure you will fill it with some yummy veggies. :)

Jessica said...

Yeah for you! Home ownership it an adventure...or so I've heard, I wouldn't know!! :)