Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Goal #1 for 2010

Goal #1 for 2010 was to become homeowners and on March 11, 2010, after an almost 2 month closing process, we finally did close and sign the papers on our first home. This is the wonderful snowman created with the 7 inches of snow we received on moving day. Thank you, Mother Nature.(Note: Bear only came outside for the photo op and was not making the snowman in his socks and Sunday clothes.)

Now, we are finishing the fixing up process and trying to get settled. I think I've completed all the painting on the upstairs rooms except for the dining room, which at this point, is just going to have to wait.

We were planning on putting the flooring down in the living room but it came time to set our priorities in order, so that is going to wait until the end of April when the flooring that we want should be going on sale. And in the mean time, we're getting a puppy to destroy the place!

We'll pick him up on Friday and I'll share pictures then I'm sure.

Here are some before and after pictures of the rooms we've completed.

This is obviously the boys room. I wasn't sure about the yellow when we picked it but I think it turned out really good, especially with the wall hanging.

Not a huge change here but this is the master. It's a much richer brown than before.

There is still so much to be done. And although we get much less sleep than we'd like, it is so worth it to have our own place and there is joy in the work. Also, the living room is painted but I'm not revealing it until it's done.......okay, maybe I'll give you a sneak peak:) These are our two final choices for flooring, feel free to comment on your favorite.


The Blakes said...

It looks so great! Congratulations! Personally, I like the darker wood, but that's just me. :)