Thursday, June 17, 2010

Nothing in Particular

I don't really have a specific occasion that I wanted to document but it's been a couple weeks since I've posted and I'm feeling really really grateful for all that I have and can do.

So here are a few pictures of what we've been up to recently.

Making the master bedroom(and the rest of the house) look wonderful. Thanks to my amazing husband who made the bed frame, hung the pictures, and hung the sweet globe lamp and amazing closet doors. Now if we can get the fence finished, the quilting table adjusted, the laminate flooring put in.....etc. etc. :) I love you babe!
Going on a fun camping trip(albeit freezing cold) with good friends and all the chilluns. Yes, she has four and a dog and I have two and a, two was quite the adventure.

Playing in the Gunnison Reservoir down near Delta.

Growing a Garden of Corn, Pumpkins, Beans, Cucumbers, Carrots, Yellow Squash, Zucchini Squash, Watermelons and Strawberries. Not to mention all the amazing fruit trees we have in the yard(Peaches, Apricots, Plums, Apples, Grapes and Blackberries) that I don't have to tend at all to yield wonderous vegetation!
Ramses first bath. He LOVED it. Which was surprising since he HATES going outside in the rain and won't even walk on wet pavement unless forced.

Hope this was a good mini update. I'm so grateful for my family and friends. And all the good things we have to enjoy in this life.


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