Tuesday, January 25, 2011

New Quilt

My favorite quilt is one that my Madre(step-mom) made me for my high school graduation. It's technically called a Biscuit Quilt. But more commonly referred to as a Puff Quilt. It's made of tiny little pillows sewn together in a quilt form.....like this.

A friend of mine showed me this tutorial and I just fell in love with the colors she chose but had no reason to make one at the time. So about 10 months later, I'm having another baby boy and picked out a baby announcement to make. What do you know?! Without even planning it, it matches all of those colors. Really! I swear! I didn't even think about it at the time. I just liked it.

This is what it will look like. With my little guys name in it, of course.

Anyway, now I had a reason to make this awesome quilt but I decided to make some changes to it. Firstly, it's not going to be ALL puffs. Just about 25% or so will be puffs. Then, I wanted to add some cool textury(is that a word?) parts to it, to make it a little more of an activity mat, more than an actual blanket. If you are drawing a blank....I'm thinking crinkly paper, ribbons and velcro. Things babies like to play with and chew on during tummy time.

So with all these ideas flying around(literally, I was up for 2 hours one night thinking of the possibilities) I headed to the fabric store and came out with these fantastic options.

Heidi with honeybearlane.com went with a more orange tone and the store I went to didn't have quite the color orange I was looking for so I decided the yellow/gold color would work just as well. Plus, I discovered a bonus when I got home....the yellow I came home with is the exact color of the wall the crib will be on in the boys room.

I started cutting my fabric tonight after an hour of really getting my plans nailed down. So stay tuned as I figure out if my idea is going to work or not. It could be a total bomb. But it might be absolutely adorable. Yay for crafty creativity!