Saturday, December 20, 2008

Connor's 2 year photo shoot

Kiddie Kandids does a great job of capturing cute kid shots. And for those of you who don't already know, they give you a free 8x10 on every birthday. Connor went to get his pictures done at the end of November so we would make sure to get them done. He was a bit difficult but somehow, the photographer managed to get a couple good ones.

This was to convince Connor that being the object of attention wouldn't hurt. Mommy had to have her picture taken too. Luckily, her belly is all that is in the picture. I thought it was cute....

This is the one we got for his birthday shot.

And this was just too cute not to include in the bunch! We have this displayed on our mantle and Connor always goes up to point at it and says "frog".


Kristi said...

That fishing picture is so adorable. All of them are, but that's my favorite. Good job, Connor!

Mayne Land said...

Very cute Jenni.