Thursday, February 12, 2009

Guilty As Charged

Just for the record, this was not fun!

1. I rarely wear make-up and I never wear cover-up, even though I probably should.

2. More than 99% of the time, I'm too lazy to do anything with my hair so it ends up in a pony tail.

3. I let Connor help me in the kitchen even though he's only two.

4. I spend more than I should and then get upset when Sam spends more than he should.

5. I let Connor jump on my bed, sometimes I join him.

6. Connor watches Cars at least once a day, sometimes twice and even three times on occasion.

7. I spank Connor when he's disobedient or throwing a tantrum.

8. I'm really horrible at reading my scriptures daily.

9. I have a bad habit of interrupting people when I get excited (I'm really working on correcting this behavior).

10. I don't wear deodorant everyday, I do, however, shower everyday.

Okay, now you know some of my secrets. Lets hear some of yours. I tag Kristi, Tieya, Leslie, Glenna, Mom, Jessica, Jenni S., Shannon and Lindsay.