Monday, February 9, 2009

Rolled Over!

You got it! Two months old and he's already rolled from front to back. It is the easier of the two but still, Connor waited until he was about four months old to attempt that feat. I think it was kind of by accident, although, he did manage to do it five or six times. I got the last time on video! Yay!
When he's being held, and even when he's not, he always arches his back and throws his head as far back as possible. This time he did it on his tummy and leaned to the side at the same time....TIMBER!!!! Anyway, it was very cute. I'll post the video soon so you can see for yourself, in the mean time, here are some still shots of the moment.


BLS said...

Cool dude!!!!

Jessica said...

WOAH! That is super great for Bear. What a strong little guy...awesome!

Kristi said...

At 2 months! Wow! That's pretty amazing!