Friday, April 24, 2009

Fun with Boys!

Last Saturday we took Sam's Sidekick out for a test drive. He's been working really hard on getting the dual t-case in and working. He wanted to test the capability of his rig before we head to Moab next week. Good thing we did because he broke one of his CV joints about ten minutes onto the trail. So we had a 3 wheel drive vehicle instead of a 4. It was a good time. Connor is just like his daddy. He loves every minute on the trail.

Then we hosted a get together with some friends of ours that night. It's been so fun having our families grow together. Connor and Beckett(pictured below) are finally getting old enough to play together and had a great time with trucks and blocks. They also did a little wrestling. I think Connor was the instigator of this so I was rooting for Beckett to beat the tar out of him. They were clearly enjoying themselves.

The weather this week has been gorgeous so we've spent quite a bit of time outside in the sun. I have a sunburn to prove it. Here are my two little boys enjoying the sunshine.

Last night we got home late from Sam's parents. Connor didn't get a nap so he was OUT. You know how you can lift a child's arm when they are sleeping and see how fast it drops to see how sound asleep they are. Well, it normally doesn't fall that fast with Connor. Before Sam got him out of the car, he lifted his arm and it fell like lead. It was so funny. Once we got him in bed, we had a few moments with our cheerful Bear before putting him to sleep. I just had to take a picture of this.


Jessica said...

That was a fun night, thanks for hosting!
Really cute pictures of the family! How was Moab?