Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Visit with Grandma Bee!

This past weekend has been a blast around the Montague Household. First, Connor got to ride the HUGE blow-up slide on Saturday during the Tooele Easter Egg Hunt. THOUSANDS of people showed up for the hunt and Connor was having a blast on the slide so we decided to forego the hunt and stick to sliding. He got to go up and down probably close to 50 times.

After the sliding, I got to pick my mom up from the airport. YAY! We went shopping for Easter and then came home for a relatively relaxing night around the house. It was great to have her sit next to me in Relief Society the next day and I love hearing her sing/cry through the hymns at church. The Spirit is always strong with her and it's such a great thing to have in our home.

For Easter dinner, Sam's parents joined us. We did a tiny easter egg hunt in the back yard with Connor and he proceeded to stuff as many M&M's in his mouth as he could, as he was afraid that I'd take them away from him at any moment. After dinner we sat around and talked. Dad Montague told lots of funny stories about growing up in northern Idaho. Many of the stories involved being chased by bears.....very comical. We were up very late and my stomach muscles were sore from laughing so hard.

On Monday, mom and I scurried all over the Salt Lake Valley visiting friends and shopping for miscellaneous items. We had a good time chatting and spending the time together. She also got some nice pictures of the Bountiful Temple.

On Tuesday, we had lunch with Grandma Sally and then went to Discovery Gateway with the boys. Connor had a blast and moved around so fast that it was hard to keep track of him. Next time, Sam definitely needs to come so he can run after him.

Yesterday we were completely lazy and stayed inside watching movies and chit chatting. She got on her plane late last night and is now safely at home in New York. We'll miss having her around. Connor sure loves his grandma and will miss her a lot. We had a great visit and look forward to her living closer to us in the near future.