Thursday, August 20, 2009

Stansbury Days

My good friend, Katie, and I are working together in a company called SendOutCards.
This company has meant more than just a little help with our finances as we've worked at building our teams. We have truly been blessed by helping others and love the opportunity to work with so positive a cause.

We decided to get a booth at a local fair and had a fantastic time and met some wonderful people!

Here are some pictures of our cute little set up.

My Plug because it's MY blog: If you want to know more about this incredible opportunity to strengthen those important relationships in your life, go to
Watch the movie on the lower left side then send two free cards by clicking on the red button at the top that says "click here to send a free card"


kristina said...

i really like your cards...the flowers are very beautiful...the stall you have design is very attractive.......

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