Thursday, August 20, 2009

Connor has done some of the silliest things over the past few days that I had to document them.  This is him "stuck" in the chair.  He was laughing really hard.
Grandpa Montague showed him how to do Thumbs Up!
Looking snazzy in Daddy's Jeepin Hat.
Wearing nothing but his skivvy's and a pair of handmade mittens(In August!)
I wanted to post one of him and the rubber fireman's boots that he's been wearing everywhere, rain or shine. But I haven't been able to snap a shot of them quite yet.  He has such a great sense of style.....Watch out Project Runway!


Matt and Alissa said...

Those are such cute pictures. Conner is getting to be such a big boy. Kids do the funniest things. Beckett has loved to put his trains away in his backpack and carry them around the house and then take them out again. It is so cute.