Monday, September 21, 2009

Pseudo Reunion

It's been 10 years since I moved away from Stuttgart, Germany.  Many of the friends I had during the two years while there, I've kept in contact with and miraculously, many of us have ended up here in Utah.

Rachael had her baby shower for her first baby on Thursday and there were a whopping 6 of us from Stuttgart there.  It was such a blast!

4 of us were in Young Women's together and 2 of us were our YW leaders.  We had so much fun talking about our kids and birth stories.

Kind of amazing too that out of the four "YW" that were there, all of us had natural child births with no medication except Rachael who is making plans right now to have a natural birth.  It was so fun to talk about what worked and didn't work for us and give her some hopefully, helpful pointers.  She is going to do such a great job and have a beautiful birth.  I can't wait to meet that little boy!