Friday, October 2, 2009

Sunday Hike 9-27-09

Growing up, I never thought that hiking would be an appropriate Sunday activity. However, we've recently starting taking hikes on Sunday and I've changed my opinion.  

We always go as a family and it's a great way for us to prepare for the upcoming week and also just spend time together having fun.  

In addition, it gets us out of the house.  I feel like on Sunday we have a tendency to stay inside and be bored which isn't exactly what I would call keeping the Sabbath day holy either.

So here are some of our pictures from last week. The foliage was gorgeous! I mean, nothing like New York but beautiful, for Utah:)

Look! It's my own personal pack mule!

By the way, He insisted on carrying both of them.  I tried to take one of them but he wouldn't let me.  I got to carry the Camelback instead.

Me and My Connor-pants. Geez, I love this kid.


Matt and Alissa said...

I totally think that is a Sunday appropriate activity. Looks like fun.