Friday, April 16, 2010

New Nickname

So in the recent weeks, Bear has literally made the most child-proof locations, dangerous. From falling off stools and slipping on tile floors to cutting himself on a tricycle and bumping his head on a stationary jungle gym that has NO moving parts.

Last night, I jokingly called him, Bruiser, after looking at the current state of affairs on his face. I think the name has most definitely stuck. So here is a couple pictures of the latest battle wounds on little Bruiser's face.

He sure looks happy about it, doesn't he?


LiMb FaMiLy said...

haha that is so funny, and Bruiser is a cute nickname! :) He sure does seem to fit the part! haha. And it was so good to see you at Walmart...we will have to get together next time I'm in town!