Monday, May 10, 2010

Getting Lucky

At Christmas, I picked up a digital copy of X3: the Last Stand for Sam. It was all of $5 or something like that. I figured it was kind of a gamble because I didn't know if the digital copy would work on our Apple but figured it was worth a shot and then we would know. So last night we finally decided to try things out. Sam opened the package to find 2 discs inside. One was supposed to be the Special Features and the other was the digital copy. I proceeded to pop the digital copy in the computer and downloaded it from iTunes.

Sam popped the other disc in the DVD player. It gave two options and he picked one. We both started watching the TV and it looked like the movie was starting. And started with the opening scene.....and continued without any commentary or interruptions. Weird.....COOL! Two and half hours later the movie was over and we realized that not only do we have the digital copy but we also have a DVD copy with Special Features also. FOR FIVE BUCKS!

I don't know who messed up at the packaging facility....but THANK YOU!