Monday, May 10, 2010

Mothers Day Gift: Connor-Style

Our ward had a Primary activity on Saturday before Mothers Day and created little gifts for their moms. A new Primary presidency was just called last week and yours truly is the new Second Counselor so I was there to witness the proceedings of this activity and was able to help Connor with his gifts.

One of the gifts was a little questionnaire for the kids to answer about their mother. I asked the questions and wrote down the answers exactly as he gave them. Here's what he ended up with.

All About My Mom

How old is your mom?

What is your mom's favorite color?

What is your most favorite meal that your mom cooks?

What do you like to do with your mom?
Draw Pictures

What is your mom's favorite thing to do?

What color of eyes does your mom have?
Brown and Blue and Green

What's your favorite thing about your mom?


Upon completing the questionnaire, we rolled it up and put a pink ribbon on it(his choice of color) and proceeded to tie the knot and curl the ribbon and then he insisted that I cut ALL of the excess ribbon off so that all that was left was the knot. I couldn't argue, it was his gift.