Friday, May 7, 2010

Thrifty Piano

A long time ago, Sam made me a promise that when we bought a house, I would be able to get a piano. Well, we aren't exactly ready to fork out the bucks for a new piano, especially with more schooling on the horizon but I found this very well used and surprisingly decent sounding piano for $50 bucks on KSL.

Thanks to a couple friends who helped load it into Sam's little pickup truck this afternoon, it is now happily settled in our formal living room. YAY! It feels so good to play on a real piano instead of a electronic keyboard. I just can't get as motivated to play on a keyboard when I grew up playing on a baby grand....spoiled, yes, I know.

So thanks hunnie for being my hero!
(I just loved this picture of him, even though he's being goofy with the piano)