Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fifth Anniversary Trip to NYC

We started out the trip with a nice long walk through Liberty State Park on the Jersey side of the river and ended up at this awesome old train station. It looks like the perfect place for scenes of I Am Legend. In fact, I really wouldn't be surprised if they did shoot some scenes here.
After getting on the ferry to NYC we enjoyed the gorgeous view.....minus the WTC.....sad.....
A look back at the train station
The Statue of Liberty in the background.
Hello Beautiful.....
We stood on the steps of the place where George Washington gave his inaugural address.
My first trip into a Tiffany & Co. Store
Let us raise a standard to which the wise and the honest can repair -- The Event is in the hand of God. ---George Washington
Our one picture together in NYC
Coolest building!
Who doesn't take a picture of the birds while in the Big Apple? We named him Tony. He had a cousin named Paulie who was there too.
Times Square.....It's okay to smile, even though your feet are killing you, babe.
In the middle of the blue road....we're on that screen.
Riding the subway.
The Chrysler Building.
Sam's favorite part....the cheap hotdog vendors....he seriously ate one at every meal.
My favorite part.....awesome PIZZA!!!!!!!!
We seriously felt like the "pioneer children" as we "walked, and walked, and walked, and walked". But we had SOO much fun. And learned that City life is probably not exactly what we'll strive for but we could survive it if we had to.


Stacie said...

How neat! I have never been to NYC, but it looks like a blast!

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