Sunday, October 10, 2010


I can't believe I've avoided my blogging responsibilities for the past month and a half. It's gnawing at me and I swear I will do something about it....soon. Maybe even tonight after I get the last child in bed.

Short list of the happenings of the last month and a half.

1. Sam and My Fifth Anniversary was on August 27.
2. We spent 11 days in New York and Vermont visiting my mom and brother.
3. Sam and I took a little anniversary trip to NYC while there and he finally saw "The Big Apple"
4. Connor has learned how to sing his ABC's.
5. Bear is sleeping in a Big Boy bed.
6. Sam started school at UVU.
7. Sam's tossing around the idea of enlisting in the military.
8. Sam got a great review at work with a pretty raise to go with it!
9. My Dad and Madre came to visit for a couple days and Madre and I did lots of quilting while she was here.
10. Ramses has become an escape artist and always seems to find(or create!) a new hole in our fence to get out of.

So there's the I'll try and expound on each of them with pictures and what not. Stay tuned!