Monday, December 5, 2011

Stitch, Quilt, Sew

 So I started this announcement for Keith months before he was born and there is really NO excuse why it took me so long to finish but a couple weeks ago I finally finished it. I like it a lot and REALLY like the frame with it....especially since Michael's gave me a really really good price on it :)

$35 on sale for 50% off takes it to $17.50 then another 25% off of that with a coupon = $13.13 = Win for me!

This is another project that I started months ago and should've finished....although it wasn't entirely my fault that it was unfinished as I was waiting for the PERFECT border and binding fabric to be purchased and shipped to this is a quilt I made for a friend's son, using his outgrown T-shirts.  I think it came out pretty fantastic for my first t-shirt quilt. Especially since I had no idea what I was doing at first.

I learned a lot with it and she's asked me to do two more for her other kids so I guess she liked it too :)

And here is my little Keithie-Cheeks modeling my latest completion from the craft room.

I bought the monkey fabric originally with the intention of making them all matching shorts but when I found a banana print to go with it, I wanted to do something else.  This McCall's pattern was the perfect fit. So for a fraction of the cost of buying one of these covers, I made my own. And had fun doing it too!

It's not perfect but no one will notice the blips but me. And it serves it's purpose completely.

I have lots more projects lined up so I better get going.

We're doing well, here in VA and with this beautiful 66 degree day on December 5, 2011, I'm so glad I'm here and not freezing my bum off out west.  Love ya'll!